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Bedrock Supply LTD.
9435 -63 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 0G2
(780) 434-2040
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Monday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Prospecting, Lapidary, Wood/Stone Carving:jen@bedrocksupply.ca
Classes: classes@bedrocksupply.ca
Chemicals & Labware: (ext 26) kayley@bedrocksupply.ca
Jennifer Cornelius (ext 32) jen@bedrocksupply.ca
Robyn Cornelius (ext 32) robyn@bedrocksupply.ca
Kathy Walters (ext 34) kathy@bedrocksupply.ca
Accounting (ext 23) accounts@bedrocksupply.ca
Dan Cornelius Webmaster Dan@bedrocksupply.ca




About Us & History:







In 1968, Kathy Walters (8 yrs old) wanted a rock polisher for her birthday. Del Walters (her father) bought one and set it up for the first time with her. He was so entranced with the process that he started a new hobby - lapidary. He purchased rocks, rock saws, a flat lap, and all the accessories for his new hobby. Awhile later, he realized he had all these beautifully cut and tumbled stones, and nothing to do with them. So he bought findings to put them in.
Del wanted to make his own jewellery, so he got into casting. He experimented with various things to cast, including honeybees and various insects, as well as jewellery findings. This led to silversmithing, goldsmithing, enamelling, and various other ways to make jewellery. Local Edmonton jewelers found out he was ordering jewelers tools and equipment, so they started coming to Del's little studio above his garage and buying from him.
Del's hobbies grew, eventually requiring more space than he had over the garage, so in 1972 he rented a little shop (800 sq ft) in Forest Heights, left his job at Edmonton Telephones, and, together with his wife, Doris and the neighbor Olga Gimar, started Walters Lapidary at 10250 - 82 Street, Edmonton.
Del then got interested in gold panning and metal detecting for ideas for family vacations. These items soon became available at the store. There was a conflict with the name with another business in the United States, so they renamed the business Bedrock Lapidary and Prospecting Supplies. They carried everything a jeweler or hobbyist would need for jewellery making, lapidary rocks and equipment, and prospecting and metal detectors.
In 1985, Doris was diagnosed with breast cancer and she passed away in 1988. Phillip Walters (son) and Aidan Walters (nephew) came into the business and they moved the store to 9617 - Argyll Road. (2300 sq ft) This gave them more space for new products, which now included wood carving, beads findings, and soapstone carving. They added a few more staff members (Ray and Judy) to handle the increase in business. The name was changed to Bedrock Supply Ltd., to better encompass all of the merchandise available.
In 1996, Phillip and Aiden Walters left the business, and Kathy Walters (who had worked part-time while her children were young) came into the business full-time. In 1997, she expanded the business into the space next door, establishing a jewelers area, which included gemstones, tools, equipment and supplies, which left the original store for the hobby merchandise, such as wood carving, beads, findings, prospecting, metal detectors and lapidary. The entire store was now just under 5000 sq. ft.
In 2002, Del Walters passed away, leaving the business to Kathy. In 2003, she moved the store just up the street to 9435 - 63 Avenue, just a few blocks away, its current location. The new store now has just over 11,000 sq feet, including the warehouse. She added glass beadmaking, weaving, spinning and felting to the merchandise available at Bedrock. With much more space, the quantities of merchandise available at Bedrock have significantly increased. There are now many classes available, including; silversmithing, enamelling, soapstone carving, beading, glass beadmaking, glass fusing, beading design, felting, casting, silver and copper projects, resin, to name a few. They bring in International Lampworking instructors from all over the world. They do a brisk business, both online and in the store.  The staff  now consists of 17, both part and full time.
The next generation; Jen Cornelius, Robyn Cornelius, and Dan Cornelius, (Kathy's children) are now actively working in and on the business. The fourth generation was born in 2009 (Fox Cornelius-Swojanovski), 2012 (Gavin Loutitt), 2012 (Nixon Cornelius-Swojanovski).