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Quantity Weight- Product Image Item Name Price
2 0 Bangle Bracelet Sizer Sm 1-9

Bangle Bracelet Sizer Sm 1-9

Three sizes of bracelet gauges to enhance sales of bracelets and bangles. All are made of heavy gauge base metal, nickel-plated and securely attacfhed to a handy 2 3/4" ring for safe-keeping. -small or baby: sizes 1-9 for infants and children


1 0 Bur Gauge

Bur Gauge

A Swiss-made precision gauge of lightweight metal measures bur diameters in ISO sizes 005 to 045. Ruler on reverse for measuring up to 50 mm, in 1 mm increments.


41 0 Divider 3" Economy

Divider 3" Economy

Good quality, economy versions of out standard dividers. Easy to use with a quick adjust setting nut.


1 0 Divider 4"

Divider 4"

For measuring distances between points and scribing circles or arcs. Spring action. Net Price


1 0 Ring Finger Gauge Col 1/15

Ring Finger Gauge Col 1/15

Regular width, flat, economy model with matte finish, sizes 1-15. Use with ringstick 35.0193.


1 0 Ring Sizer US Sizes

Ring Sizer US Sizes

Graduated in half sizes by US standards. Bright nickel-plated with easy-to-read numerals. Ring Sizes 1-15.