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Quantity Weight- Product Image Item Name Price
2 0 File Pillar Regular 8" Cut 2

File Pillar Regular 8" Cut 2



4 0 File Set 5pc on Ring

File Set 5pc on Ring

Handy – we think so! This is a first – 4 needle files on a key ring. Okay…so you’re not going to carry your key around with files in your pocket but keeping them together makes a lot of sense. Various shapes and cuts for use with jewelry PMC and much more.


9 0 Needle File Handle Mini

Needle File Handle Mini

Blue anodized aluminum handles are well-knurled for an excellent grip. Length of handles is 4 1/5" and features a steel "easy relase" chuck which is pressed inot the barrel to remain secure. Available in small, medium and large handle sizes each suitable for different file lengths. Handles will last a lifetime and make filing much easier. Made in the USA


12 0 Pocket Needle File Set 6pc 5.5

Pocket Needle File Set 6pc 5.5

This file set includes six different shapes all cut 2, 5 1/2" files with handles shortened so they conveniently store in the handle. Witha handy, non-roll pocket clip and aluminum anodize4d handle, you can carry these sets anywhere.


5 0.209 Student File Set

Student File Set

Excellent student files in the required starter shapes. Also great files for any application where price is an issue. Starter set includes one 6 half-round and one 6 flat file in medium cut plus a blue plastic handle which fits either file. Also sold separately. Toolkit Item