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Casting Supplies

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1 0 Compound Sprue Cutter

Compound Sprue Cutter

8 1/4" This German-made cutter can take a big bite without marking or denting and is semi-flush so it leaves very little metal to remove. Compound lever action multiplies your efforts helping to eliminate fatigue. Handles are premolded for comfort. Length 7-1/2 -190mm-.


2 0 Crucible Centrifugal 20oz

Crucible Centrifugal 20oz

622g 400dwt Crucibles for use with the centrifugal casting machines. Made of fused silica with a clay bond, which will last through many meltings. Best choice for metal melting up to 2500F (1371C)


98 0 Cuttlefish Bone Small

Cuttlefish Bone Small



3 0 Filter for Vacu Cast

Filter for Vacu Cast



1 0 Flask 4 x 4

Flask 4 x 4

Made of durable stainless steel. Use with Button Sprue base, item # 21.781 or Tree Sprue base, item # 21.826 for leak-proof seal.


1 0 Flask Extender 2 1/2"

Flask Extender 2 1/2"

Slip the rubber extender over the flask prior to filling, to enable you to fill casting flasks to the top with investment. Prevents spilling of investment during vacuuming.


1 0 Flask Perforated 4"

Flask Perforated 4"

For Vacuum Casting Stainless steel heavy-duty flasks, with machined perforations, help assure a perfect cast since metal is being forced into cavities evenly from all directions.


1 0 Flask Seal for 3 3/8" Flask

Flask Seal for 3 3/8" Flask

Special Order Item


1 0 Mold Frame Double

Mold Frame Double

Special Order Item 2-7/8" x 1-7/8" x 3/4" Used to hold uncured rubber and model when vulcanizing. Made of aluminum alloy for best heat conduction.


2 0 Satin Cast 20 100lb

Satin Cast 20 100lb

Don’t waste time polishing rough finishes or recasting. Choose Satin Cast, the casting investment manufactured to KerrLab’s exacting standards. With a tradition of excellence for over 100 years, KerrLab is committed to meeting the demands of today’s changing industry. Its renowned product Satin Cast, is recognized by the world’s finest jewelers as the investment that creates the finest...


1 0 Sprue Base Tree 2-1/2"

Sprue Base Tree 2-1/2"

Perfect for high production operations


1 0 Vacuum Pump Oil Quart

Vacuum Pump Oil Quart