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Casting Supplies

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1 0 Compound Sprue Cutter

Compound Sprue Cutter

8 1/4" This German-made cutter can take a big bite without marking or denting and is semi-flush so it leaves very little metal to remove. Compound lever action multiplies your efforts helping to eliminate fatigue. Handles are premolded for comfort. Length 7-1/2 -190mm-.


2 0 Crucible Centrifugal 20oz

Crucible Centrifugal 20oz

622g 400dwt Crucibles for use with the centrifugal casting machines. Made of fused silica with a clay bond, which will last through many meltings. Best choice for metal melting up to 2500F (1371C)


1 0 Crucible Fused Silica 40 DWT

Crucible Fused Silica 40 DWT

Made of clay bonded fused silica for melting temperatures up to 2800°F (1538°C).Excellent for melting gold and silver. Diameter: 2-1/4", Depth: 3/4", Capacity: 19 dwt - 196 g


112 0 Cuttlefish Bone Small

Cuttlefish Bone Small



5 0 Filter for Vacu Cast

Filter for Vacu Cast



3 0 Flask 4 x 4

Flask 4 x 4

Made of durable stainless steel. Use with Button Sprue base, item # 21.781 or Tree Sprue base, item # 21.826 for leak-proof seal.


1 0 Flask Extender 2 1/2"

Flask Extender 2 1/2"

Slip the rubber extender over the flask prior to filling, to enable you to fill casting flasks to the top with investment. Prevents spilling of investment during vacuuming.


1 0 Flask Perforated 4"

Flask Perforated 4"

For Vacuum Casting Stainless steel heavy-duty flasks, with machined perforations, help assure a perfect cast since metal is being forced into cavities evenly from all directions.


1 0 Flask Seal for 3 3/8" Flask

Flask Seal for 3 3/8" Flask

Special Order Item


1 0 Mold Frame Double

Mold Frame Double

Special Order Item 2-7/8" x 1-7/8" x 3/4" Used to hold uncured rubber and model when vulcanizing. Made of aluminum alloy for best heat conduction.


1 0 Sand for Sand Casting 5 Pound

Sand for Sand Casting 5 Pound



1 0 Sprue Base Tree 2-1/2"

Sprue Base Tree 2-1/2"

Perfect for high production operations


1 0 Vacuum Pump Oil Quart

Vacuum Pump Oil Quart



1 0.236 Wire Iron Binding .009 1/2-lb

Wire Iron Binding .009 1/2-lb

8 oz. spools.