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Burnishing, Scribing, Marking

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Quantity Weight- Product Image Item Name Price
2 0 Bench Knife Heavy Duty 2-5/8"

Bench Knife Heavy Duty 2-5/8"

Blade Length 2 5/8", 67mm Blade is firmly set in hardwood handle.


68 0.0127 Burnisher 2mm Red Handled

Burnisher 2mm Red Handled

2.0mm diameter burnisher.


4 0 Burnisher 3.5mm Red Handle

Burnisher 3.5mm Red Handle



1 0.04 Burnisher Agate Knife

Burnisher Agate Knife

Natural agate stone burnishers are the perfect tool for metal clay work applying gold and silver foil or Keum–boo applications. Also works to burnish unfired metal clay. Can be used like a steel burnisher for smoothing metals and closing bezels but unlike steel burnishers they will not damage stones.


1 0 Carbide Scribe Wood Handle

Carbide Scribe Wood Handle

Our carbide scribes are always where you want them - in your pocket. Hardened carbide tip ensures extended life. The sharp point will give you a precise mark in virtually any material and the wood handle offers the user a comfortable grip. Tip is “double-shouldered” to a very fine point. 5-1/4.


1 0 Centre Punch Automatic

Centre Punch Automatic

Knurled screw cap can be adjusted for either light or heavy strokes. Pushing down on body releases striking mechanism. The punch is pointed.


2 0 Double Ended Steel Tracer

Double Ended Steel Tracer



4 0 Mini Brooch Set w/Pin Vise

Mini Brooch Set w/Pin Vise

Features a miniature pin vise and 12 tiny broaches made of high carbon cutting steel. Broaches are five-sided for enlarging holes and range from .05 – .55mm. Made in Germany.


8 0.0447 Steel Scraper

Steel Scraper

Scrapers are ideal for cleaning, smoothing and deburring metals and plastics. Use to prepare surfaces for soldering, remove excess solders, remove burs, etc. Sharp from handle to tip and can be resharpened on a bench stone. Securely mounted in hardwood handle.