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Clamps & Vices

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Quantity Weight- Product Image Item Name Price
1 0 Handles-Adjustable


Rounded wood handle with chucks that open from 0 to .129". Holds a variety of tools. Ideal for beading and millgrain tools. Overall length 3".


1 0 Pin Vise Set of 4

Pin Vise Set of 4

Hardened steel pin vises ensure long life! Set of four with size range of 0" to 3/16" (4.75mm). Comes in a handly plastic pouch.


1 0 Vise Hand Wing Nut Wide 5/8

Vise Hand Wing Nut Wide 5/8

Serrated, grooved, spring action jaws open and close with large wing nut. Handles are hollow so that long wire will pass through. Two jaw widths are available. Jaw width 5/8ยจ (16 mm)