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Hammers and Mallets

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1 0 Hammer Ball Pein 4oz Imported

Hammer Ball Pein 4oz Imported

Hammers with one flat end and one round end are used for flattening, shaping or removing dents. Hardwood handles are comfortable for extended use. Overall length 10". Head length: 2 5/8" (67 mm) Head weight: 4 oz. (113 g)


1 0 Hammer Large Bull Peen Fretz

Hammer Large Bull Peen Fretz

The HMR-303 is a heavy hammer to remove the marks from the inside of a shape that have first been stretched with the HMR-301, 302 or 304 hammers. The HMR-303 has two faces with different widths and curves. The selection of which face is correct will depend on the inside curvature of the project. The larger face is slightly domed while the smaller face is more cured. The weight of this hammer is...


1 0 Hammer Large Raising Fretz

Hammer Large Raising Fretz

The HMR-305 is a broad faced raising hammer that moves the metal quickly when the metal is hammered from the outside of a broad shape. The metal is compressed down to the stake and is left in a relatively smooth condition when compared to bowls or hollowware that is raised with a narrow crosspein. The HMR-305 is often used for angle raising with a R-101 Raising Stake. Face sizes 30X20mm and...


1 0 Hammer Large Stretching Fretz

Hammer Large Stretching Fretz

The HMR-301 is a heavy hammer with an arched head. The curved broad crosspein face makes this an ideal hammer for stretch forming heavy gauge metal. Stretch forming is an ancient way of forming metal by hammering from the inside of a vessel or shape to change the gauge of the metal. The curved head follows the arm in an arc so a fairly deep concave metal surface can be easily worked against a...


1 0 Hammer Planishing Fretz

Hammer Planishing Fretz

The Planishing Hammer is for smoothing metal. The round side is used if the metal has previous rasing hammer marks and these need to be smoothed out. The flat side will refine the hammer marks from the rounded side of the Planishing Hammer to a nearly smooth finish. This is the most used hammer. Face sizes 19 mm and 19mm Head length 74 mm Handle length 220 mm Type Medium


1 0 Hammer Silversmith #1

Hammer Silversmith #1

Premium quality hammers are ideal for all types of metal work. Suitable for a wide range of applications.