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Tweezers, Hemostats, Forceps

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Quantity Weight- Product Image Item Name Price
1 0 Tweezer Dia 6 In NP Nar Peer

Tweezer Dia 6 In NP Nar Peer

Special Order Item


3 0.022 Tweezer Diamond Black Medium

Tweezer Diamond Black Medium

Economy diamond tweezers offered in black matte finish with medium points. Length 6-1/2? (160mm).


8 0.03 Tweezer Diamond with Shovel

Tweezer Diamond with Shovel

Our stone/bead shovel added onto a medium tip serrated stone tweezer allows more versatility and better handling of stones and beads. This tweezer is made of stainless steel with serrated tips. The combination of stone shovel and tweezer is convenient and time saving.


2 0 Tweezer Dumont Carbon #8

Tweezer Dumont Carbon #8

Special Order Item Straightens terminal lead wires, needle point indicators, etc. Blades are extra thick with blunt jaws. Overall length 4-1/4" (108 mm).


1 0 Tweezer Pearl Holding 4-1/2

Tweezer Pearl Holding 4-1/2

Tips are cup-shaped to hold small round objects. Overall lenth 4 1/2" (114mm) Swiss Made Net Price


15 28.6 Tweezer Self Lock 6-1/2

Tweezer Self Lock 6-1/2

Self-locking jaws are ideal for soldering operations, or for holding parts. Blunt and serrated jaws. Metal: Stainless Steel Length: 6-1/2"


1 0.018 Tweezer Swiss Dumont 2a

Tweezer Swiss Dumont 2a

General use tweezers with sturdier points slightly wider and thicker tips than pattern No. 1. Indented and have flat edges for gripping object with tip or side. The plain finished points have a fine tip. Overall length 4-3/4 inches. Metal: Stainless Steel Point: Sharp