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Wax Tools

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1 0 Bur Set Wax 3/32 24pc

Bur Set Wax 3/32 24pc

This 24 piece set offers the largest variety of wax burs available in a single set. All are Swiss made Tungsten Vanadium with deep flutes for carving wax when designing jewelry and other items. Our wax bur set is also excellent for woodworkign and plastic. All burs have a 3/32" shanks and approximately 44.5mm total length.


1 0 Craftsmen Knife & Tool Set x28

Craftsmen Knife & Tool Set x28

28 piece set in handsome wood chest with molded storage trays. Contains lightweight knife, medium-weight knife, heavy-duty knife, awl, miter box, razor saw, sander, screwdriver and 20 assorted blades.


1 0 Max Wax Pen

Max Wax Pen



1 0 Set of 3 Tips for 21.260

Set of 3 Tips for 21.260

Set of 3 differently shaped micro-tips for use with Speedy wax pen item


1 0 Speedy Wax Pen

Speedy Wax Pen

Battery-operated, all-purpose wax pen. Instant heat with fingertip pressure control. Design or repair wax models with specially shaped interchangeable micro tips. Cover protects tip and power switch. Includes AA-1.5V alkaline battery and one micro-tip.


3 0 Wax Carving Set Deluxe 12pc

Wax Carving Set Deluxe 12pc

Kit contians 12 assortede burs with aggressive flutes and strong 1/8" shanks for serious carving in wax, wood, and even metals. Burs are Swiss made and supplied in a plastic bur stand with clear dome cover.


1 0 Wax Detailer 2pc Set

Wax Detailer 2pc Set

Phenomenal tools for filing and shaping wax but also exceptional bead or pearl reaming tools. Our detailers are extremely small to work in tight places and enlarge small holes where necessary. The points have file-like edges to cut smoothly and quickly. Stainless steel tips will not rust. This set features fine and very fine reamers -0.6mm and 1.0mm diameters- with comfortable wood handles. Each...