Foredom Flexshaft Parts

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Quantity Weight- Product Image Item Name Price
1 2.2 Foredom Foot Control - SCT1

Foredom Foot Control - SCT1

This foot operated speed control comes in a heavy cast iron metal housing. The extra weight provides added stability and control. The bottom surface of the C. SCT is covered with non-skid material. It features the same durable, solid state electronics as the C.FCT. The ergonomics allow precise and reliable speed control with your foot. For use with 115 Volt M.SR, M.SRB, M.SRH and M.SRBH motors....


1 0 Handpiece - Foredom - #30

Handpiece - Foredom - #30

The H.30® general purpose handpiece has prelubricated ball bearings that do NOT require any additional lubrication. Comes with HPCK-0 Chuck Key in molded plastic handle for changing accessories. Replacement chuck keys are shown below in related products. 5-3/16" long, 1" dia., wt. 5.85 oz., ship wt. 9.1 oz.


1 0 Motor Hanger - MAMH-1

Motor Hanger - MAMH-1



1 0 Shaft for SRH, TXH and LXH mot

Shaft for SRH, TXH and LXH mot



12 0 Standard Sheath 36-1/4"

Standard Sheath 36-1/4"

For Most Motors 36-1/4" long, standard material outer sheath comes equipped on ALL Motors except for those listed below. Use with S-93 key tip inner shafts sold separately. Exceptions: Series LX and PGX motors. Also discontinued L, PG, EE, GG, MMG, 975, 980W, 981W, F, JJ, JB motors.


1 0 Table Top Dial Control

Table Top Dial Control

This table top speed control is constructed of heavy duty plastic with durable solid state electronics. It has a dial control for precise speed settings, as well as good repeatability of previous settings. For use with 115 Volt M.SR, M.SRB, M.SRH and M.SRBH motors. Can also be used with these discontinued motors- Series CC and DD, Series L and LB, Series F, Series PG and 1/8 Horsepower Series S,...